Burnout: A Kenzie Gilmore Audiobook 4

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The fourth book in the completely gripping & sultry southern Florida Kenzie Gilmore crime thriller series.

When an unidentified woman is found partially decomposed in the stomach of a Burmese python,
along with a 9mm bullet, the search is on to find out who she is, and who murdered her.

This leads Reid and his team to a ring of unscrupulous human traffickers
to whom life is cheap and extreme violence is their preferred way of doing business.

While writing notorious crime boss Maria Lopez’s memoirs,
Kenzie uncovers a thirty-year-old secret that could get her killed.

Not only has she put herself in the cartel’s sights,
but she’s also captured the attention of a very powerful adversary
who will stop at nothing to prevent the secret getting out.

This fast-paced and gritty thriller is perfect for fans of A.J. Rivers, Mary Stone, Kendra Elliot & Melinda Leigh!

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