Charlie Nottingham

Nice to meet you, and thanks for clicking on my page! My name's Charlie Nottingham, and my whole world revolves around fantasy. When I'm not writing a new book, I'm either hanging out with my dogs, talking with my fans online, or reading some amazing urban fantasy, paranormal romance, or fantasy romance series (always a series, never a stand-alone, because I hate to fall for a character and never see them again), or re-watching some Buffy or Supernatural.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to share the worlds I've created with the world around me! Truly, telling stories, reading them, absorbing fiction is what I live for.

If you like my work and would like to sign up for my bi-weekly newsletter, here's a link to my website! You can also find my prequel on there (for free, always for free).

The Raven's Cry Audio series is dual-narrated by Angelina Rocca and Corvin King. Audio files are delivered by Bookfunnel.


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Praise for Raven's Cry


I ran across this book searching through some other stuff and thought I'd try it 🤔. I'm so happy that I did 😃. This story has got tons of action, nasty bad things, insane situations and absolutely awesome characters that will keep you turning pages all night (I read this in one sitting, just couldn't put it down) 😉. Thanks so much Charlie, I can't wait to read the next book 🤓.

 Great beginning to a series!!

I devoured this book! Rain carries a lot of baggage, but I'm ready to her be even more badass in book 2!!

Graham 🥰🥰🥰 omg, he is THE best. (Honestly, he reminds me of my husband 😏) he is all about Rain. Everything is for her 💗💗💗 thier scene 🥵🥰 iykyk

Ezra, sweet sweet Ezra. I'm usually a sucker for the dark brooding type, but this vamp is making me change lanes 🥰

Theeeennnn Warren...I'm hoping the next book really brings him to us. We don't know much about him yet. But damn what I do know 😏

This book focused a lot on the relationships of the characters with little hints of a deeper story here and there. I LOVED it. I'm excited to see these 4 move together into the next book (which I happily have an ARC for 😉)

This book does have some dark emelements, so make sure to check you trigger warnings.

The perfect PNR, binged it overnight!

This is one of the best PNR series I've read all year. The way Charlie builds the relationships and let's us inside each character's head is just... ugh. It's so good. Every character is well rounded with genuine fears and the way the guys treat Rain is so refreshing. The spice is there for a reason, it drives the plot and is so beautifully written (never thought I'd say that about spicey scenes, but damn girl). I love it so much, I love the boys, and it's really nice to see folklore and mythology woven so seamlessly into the story. So many authors butcher celtic mythology, not this one.

Excuse me while I go ignore my responsibilities for the day and binge book two.