Uprising (Origins of the Gods, eBook 2)

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"Power is best held in the hands of those who never asked for it."

Véa was never boastful of her crown, but she certainly missed it when she was forced to marry to save her world. Nix never wanted to be king. First born son or not, he was happy for his brother to take the throne - until Nix saw how awful of a ruler his little brother was.

When Nix and Véa met, it was because she was marrying his little brother. But as her guard, he saw the ugly reality of how he treated her. One thing led to another, and before they knew it...

Now, Véa is pregnant with Nix's child, and he knows what his brother will do to her if he learns.

To keep the woman he loves and his unborn child safe, Nix's only option is to take his brother's throne - and his wife - out from under him.

Will Véa be able to stay safe in this war of crowns until her baby's born?

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