Origins (Origins of the Gods, eBook 1)

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Fae marry for love. Angels marry for politics.

Véa has dreamed of becoming queen of the fae since she was a girl. But once she finally takes her throne, and her world is under attack by ruthless soul eaters, she's forced to watch it burn or marry a man she hates—Lux, king of angels.

Nix is the half Elvan, half angel bastard prince of both the elvan nation and the land of the angels. When he takes his place as hand of the king beneath his brother, it becomes his duty to guard the new queen, Véa.

Will Véa assimilate into a world where women are traded like cattle, or will she steal Lux's world out from under him with his brother at her side?

If you liked Game of Thrones and From Blood and Ash, you'll love the sexy, magical world of Origins of the Gods.

Intended only for mature audiences.

This series can be read on its own but is a distant prequel series to the urban fantasy Eluding Destiny series. (As in, thousands of years in the past.)

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