Creation (Origins of the Gods, eBook 3)

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When life collides with death, cosmos are born.

Véa and Nix have brought an ounce of peace to the cold world of Matriaza since they stole the crown. Their happily ever after required pain and suffering, but now, they're better than they've ever been. They're planning the wedding they should have had to begin with, lying beside one another in bed each night, and getting exactly what they'd like to out of life.

Until trillions of souls are born, and the two of them must find a way to protect them from their own people, and their darkest enemy - the maalaichte cnihme.

Matriaza and Morduaine are overpopulated already, and they have nowhere to put these infant souls.

Nix and Véa must form an alliance with the only people they know with access to a land large enough to house so much new life.

The maalaichte cnihme.

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