Deep Heat: A Kenzie Gilmore Audiobook 5

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A dark secret. A voodoo curse. An enemy who doesn’t play by the rules.

While Reid tries to find out who the mole in his department is,
Kenzie asks for his help on one of the strangest murders he’s ever seen.

A man is found to have died of shock,
a voodoo doll placed beside him.
Did he really die of a curse,
or was it just made to look like one?

When Kenzie’s friend asks her to investigate
the sudden disappearance of his happily married brother-in-law,
she doesn’t expect it to lead to a dark family secret and a vengeful voodoo curse.

Suddenly, she’s thrust into a strange world
where the line between fantasy and reality becomes blurred,
but where the threat is just as deadly.

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