Heatwave: A Kenzie Gilmore Audiobook 3

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The Miami heat can be murder…

When investigative reporter Kenzie is asked by a teenager to look into her boyfriend’s murder,
she stumbles upon a secret so great that just knowing about it could get her killed.

Unable to turn a blind eye, she starts investigating and discovers how far those involved will go to keep it hidden.

Newly promoted Lieutenant Reid Garret has just pulled another youngster
out of the canal with the same synthetic drug in her system.

Enough is enough.

It’s time to hunt down those responsible and get the killer product off the street.
The search leads him to an old adversary who has evaded capture for the last two years,
someone Reid would do anything to bring down, even if it costs him his job.

As the two cases collide,
Kenzie and Reid realize they are facing their
smartest and most dangerous adversary yet.

With Miami in the grips of a brutal heatwave,
the heat is on to find the killer before they become his next target.

This fast-paced and gritty thriller is perfect for fans of A.J. Rivers, Mary Stone, Kendra Elliot & Melinda Leigh!

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