Wrath of the Fallen (Heaven's Dark Soldiers Book 2) Audiobook Narrated by Jeremy Athur

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The giants have risen. And the Devil’s in the details.

Dean Robinson is having a bad day. Like a really bad day.

And for the last member of a clandestine group of semi-divine super soldiers blessed and cursed with the wrath of God — bad days have a certain apocalyptic flare to them.

How bad exactly?

Well, he already failed to stop the prophesied resurgence of the Nephilim giants.

Now, Dean and his otherworldly cohorts from the Seventh Realm must watch in horror as their mammoth adversaries wreak unprecedented mayhem on the world around them.

His mission is impossible, riddled with mind warping beasties, overzealous celestial uber beings, surreal bounty hunters, and no shortage of unnatural drinking establishments.

As Dean races to find the one thing that can stop the coming apocalypse, he learns that the answer to saving the future is, in fact, lurking in the past.

Of course it is…

With his second installment in the Heaven’s Dark Soldiers series, Gilmore delivers a fast-paced, wise-cracking sequel to its well-received predecessor, RISE OF THE GIANTS.

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