Dawn of the After Days (Heaven's Dark Soldiers Book 4) Audiobook Narrated by Jeremy Arthur

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It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an angel.

Dean Robinson, Seventh Deacon of the Seventh line, found God. Literally. He was sitting in the basement reading a newspaper. It was awkward.

With a little help from the Big Guy, Dean and his wise cracking crew of supernatural sidekicks managed to snuff out Lucifer’s misguided angel mutiny before it unleashed a giant sized can of whoop ass on mankind. Cool.

Then God decided to deport all the angels to Earth. Not cool.

With the world on the cusp of an angel incursion, Dean, Doc Kelly, and the crew must race through time and space to find the only thing that can save the planet from literally falling apart at the seams.

Oh, that’s right. The planet is literally falling apart at the seams.

Total bummer.

Gilmore’s fourth book in the Heaven’s Dark Soldiers series brilliantly sets up the second trilogy with a delightfully fantastical storyline spanning all manner of interdimensional mischief and mayhem. With laugh out loud dialogue, unrelenting action, and an ever evolving cast of unnatural characters, DAWN OF THE AFTER DAYS will keep you knocking back pages as you flip beer. Wait, what?

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