Ride of the Horseman (Heaven's Dark Soldiers Book 5) Audiobook Narrated by Jeremy Arthur

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Never look a gift Horseman of the Apocalypse in the mouth.

Dean Robinson and Erin Kelly saved the world from certain apocalyptic demise.

Well, kinda sorta. At least the planet wasn’t ripping itself apart at the seams anymore. That was nice.

As mankind warmed up to the fact that they were now global neighbors with angels, giants, and
unnatural half-bred beasties, things kind of got back to normal.

In a mildly dystopian sort of way, that is.

Just when Dean thought that everything might work out for the best, the pesky ole Horsemen of the
Apocalypse shows up in downtown Boston and throws everybody into a tizzy again.

Okay, it was only one Horseman of the Apocalypse. But it was the Horseman of War so that whole
tizzy comment still stands.

Guess Dean and Erin are taking a rain check on date night. Again.

Gilmore’s fifth book in the Heaven’s Dark Soldiers urban fantasy series delivers another riproaring adventure of apocryphal proportion. Action packed with no shortage of jaw dropping twists and turns, RIDE OF THE HORSEMAN does not disappoint.

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