Shadows of Our Time- A Storm Beyond the Tides/Bermuda Blue/Sunsets Never Wait

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Book 1: The Storm Beyond the Tides

Ellie Ames thought little of her future in July 1939. As the daughter of a lobsterman, why should she? But everything changed the moment a mysterious German couple came off the ferry with their nineteen-year-old son.

From the moment Ellie meets Karl Brink, the two become inseparable and not everyone approves. Locals are suspicious of outsiders. Always were. Should be even more so, these days.

Ellie ignores their scorn. And the secret she learns about Karl’s family makes her even more determined to be with him.

The magical summer ends when the Brinks suddenly have to go home. Karl promises to return in the fall for her. But by then Europe is at war.

Two years pass and Ellie has all but given up hope when she gets a letter in the mail that will change her life forever...

Storm Beyond The Tides is the story of the unlikely romance between a small-town girl and a German on the eve of the Second World War and explores a frightening time in America’s past—when U-Boats prowled the East Coast and put small, coastal communities on the frontline of a global conflict.

Fans of The NightingaleOrphan Train, and Sarah’s Key will love this timeless novel about love and loss at the onset of World War Two.

Book 2: Bermuda Blue

Summer, 1946. When Boston reporter Jerry Canavan is sent down to cover the Newport Bermuda yacht race, the trip feels more like a reunion than an assignment. He stays at the luxurious home of Cam McShane, a classmate from Boston College, and runs into his childhood friend Paul Crump, who is an MP at the U.S. Army base.

For the three young veterans, Bermuda is like a tropical paradise. Cam hangs around the bars at night, socializing with other ex-pats and planning to start a business. Paul patrols downtown Hamilton and dreams of falling in love. With the war finally over, everyone wants to start living again, and the sailboat race is a symbol of the island’s future and the return of tourism.

Jerry tries to stay focused on his work until he meets Gabrielle, a beautiful and mysterious French girl who lives next door. But romance isn’t his only distraction because before the yachts even cross the finish line, the lives of his friends have started to unravel. Cam’s drunken philandering has a much darker side, and Paul’s relationship with a local black girl causes a scandal.

As Jerry’s time grows short, he learns a shocking truth about Gabrielle’s family. Only then does he realize that Bermuda is not all sunshine and Rum Swizzles. People may have flocked there to forget the past, but the war and its consequences are something no one can escape.

Book 3: Sunsets Never Wait

The weight of secrets...
The courage it takes to sometimes speak the truth...

From the Amazon bestselling author of 
The Storm Beyond The Tides comes the personal saga of two people whose troubled lives intersect on the remote west coast of Ireland in 1981.

"...Emotionally charged and deeply moving..."
― Christina McKenna, bestselling author of The Misremembered Man and The Disenchanted Widow

Winters are long on the windswept coast of Connemara, where Tara Doherty has come to live after the death of her husband. The isolation is all but unbearable until a mysterious tenant moves into the house at the bottom of the hill.

James Dunford has come from America, but he won’t say why. He spends his days fixing up the old cottage and walking the beach with a stray dog that showed up on his doorstep.

As the weeks pass, Tara tries to get to know James, but he resists her at every turn. And it's not until a local villager recognizes him from the news that she realizes his visit might be about more than just a vacation.

On the night of a big storm, Tara finally confronts James about why he is there. But how can she expect him to be honest when she, too, is hiding her own dark secret?

Set against the backdrop of the Hunger Strikes in Northern Ireland, Sunsets Never Wait is a story about love, loss, and the risks of hanging on to the past. No matter how much the world has let you down, there’s always a possibility for second chances.

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